Friday, May 26, 2017

The Setting of the First Sun

First Sun Saga launches today at noon EST on I hope folks go and check it out. To help make sense of it, I'll give some details on the setting.

The main initial setting of First sun is Taiyou Academy. A school founded and operated by the Ashford family, it sits near the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, Japan. Similar to Ashford Academy in Code Geass, it is a sprawling and opulent school spanning all grades of compulsory education.

Only a few miles from Taiyou is the ruined Shinjuku ghettos, remnants of the battle fought against Britannia in its bid to take Japan. The war between Britannia and Japan came to a halt due to the establishment of contact between earth and Nemesis, the home world of the Rosencraft family. Britannia lost the initiative in the war due to ceasing operations to react to the history making moment. Neither side advanced their actions after the fact. As a consequence, Britannia controls large portions of Japan, with some areas like Shinjuku under either shared or disputed control, left exactly as they were when ravaged in the war. This has allowed these areas to become a hotbed of gangs and terrorists.

Much of the early story takes place with Ange at the school, observing or reacting to events elsewhere in the world, or her venturing into the ghettos for various reasons. 

The other major location is Britannia. Attention begins to shift to Pendragon, the Britannia capitol, with the coronation of Britannia's new monarch, following Charles' death. Specific locales vary, but much of the story here will take place either in the palace, or at a yet to be named military base.

Past that are the space colonies. I don't yet fully know what naming scheme I'll end up going with, but it will likely be closer to Universal Century Gundam, rather than Cosmic Era Gundam. 

From there is the World of C, which I explained a bit about yesterday. The bulk of activity in C will take place in the kingdom of Ayakashiya. Its current ruler becomes a target, and so this phase of the story focuses on his being confronted and challenged. Other locations in C come into play as outlays of the conflict in Ayakashiya. 

And that does it for now. Remember, 5/26/17 at noon EST, the first chapter of First Sun Saga will be made available on I hope you enjoy it.