Friday, June 23, 2017

The First Sun Chapter 1 and 2 Character Recap

Hey everyone. Chapter 2 of the First Sun Saga will be up at about noon EST today, so I thought I'd do a bit of a synopsis of the important characters that appear in First Sun's first couple chapters.
The first character introduced into the store is Ange Ushiromiya. Based on the character of the sane name from the visual novel/anime Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, with input from Nico Robin of One Piece, Toshsaka Rin of the Fate/Stay franchise, and Rahzel Adanis of Hatenkou Yuugi. She is the third princess of the Rosencraft family of Nemesis, daughter of Anzu Rosencraft Ushiromiya, and Rudolf Ushiromiya. She is 16 years old, attending Taiyou Private Academy, a school a short distance from the ruined section of the Shinjuku area of Japan. She has an older brother, Battler, and lives at the academy with two attendants. Some, mainly family, call her by her middle name, Destiny. She doesn't expressly hide her Rosencraft lineage, but has been artful at keeping awareness of it to a minimum.

Alturia Bellordum acts as as Ange's bodyguard and maid. She lives in the same room as Ange, waking her in the morning, occasionally preparing meals for her, and usually escorting her wherever she goes away from the dorm room. She apparently has some connection to Britannia, but treats it as some distant past thing.

Milly Ashford is the only child of the Ashford family, a family of Britannia nobles. She is the energetic president of the Taiyou student council. She is a good student, but is known more for her seemingly insatiable desire to inject chaotic entertainment into the school with various events like festivals and concerts.

Lelouch vi Britannia is a prince of the Britannia Empire. He attends Taiyou Academy along with his younger sister, Nunnally. His mother, Marianne, owns a villa not too far from the academy, spending about half the year there. He is very popular, particularly with the female portion of the student body. He usually avoids drawing attention to himself, but often gets dragged into Milly's antics due to their close relationship since childhood.

Yomi Rosencraft is Ange's cousin, the first prince of the Rosencraft family of Nemesis. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Lelouch Britannia. In part due to their like appearances, he shares in Lelouch's popularity, and is likewise a target for Milly's antics. He also tends to be similarly intent on keeping a fairly low profile. Being far more athletic than Lelouch, he tends to be able to run away from Milly, more so than Lelouch who has to outwit her. 

Charles zi Britannia is the emperor of the Brtiannia Empire. he is an iron-fisted monarch who adheres to an extremist view of Darwinian logic, promoting inequality and strife as a means of bettering oneself. He has several wives, and multiple children by all of them, this creating a rather large patchwork of princes and princesses who could be heirs to his throne, a pertinent issue with his sudden passing. 

Euphemia li Britannia is one of Charles' daughters, Lelouch's step-sister. An effervescent young woman, she can be a bit mischevious and impulsive. Although home schooled in the Britannia capitol of Pendragon, she made a surprise trip to Taiyou Academy just so she could see Lelouch and Nunnally. she has a very passive and friendly disposition, though again, Lelouch in particular is quick to note that she can be disarmingly quick witted before you notice.