About Me

My nom de guerre is DaCosta Rosencraft. I am a man of indeterminate age.

I was born in Manhattan and lived in New York City for a time before relocating. My education has afforded me a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science, and I am in the midst of obtaining a JD.

I am a quiet person who enjoys more than anything simply sitting down and thinking about stuff. I enjoy writing and do that most in my spare time. I draw, though less so than I did in my younger years, and I read, though sadly that too less than when I was younger. I love to play video games, but once again I can only do that much less often than I once did.

I enjoy auto racing, baseball, and basketball. I love music, though I am not what most would consider a "true fan" to be. Most of all I enjoy anime, which is the fuel behind much of this blog - aside from the political theory and commentary every now and then.

This blog is one of a couple projects I have or will have in development. It is a soapbox where I voice ideas and thoughts; occasionally share some of my work. I'll probably change the name of this blog one day to reflect that concept better, but for now this is the most suitable name, because most of what you see here on this blog is about my Book of the Shadows - the writing project that has consumed much of the free time of my life over the past several years.

Feel free to comment as you'd like on any of my posts. Or if you have other thoughts you'd like to share, you can e-mail me at DRosencraft@gmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

And now I'm on Twitter, so you can reach out to me at @DRosencraft!!

Here's to hoping you find some enjoyment from your time in the Shadows.