Vernacular Guide

Book of the Shadows – a legendary item said to have been created by the founders of the Rosencraft family that has been lost to the family since then.

Council of 46 – a 47 member body that acts as the governing body of Spirit World.

*Project C2.5/ Project ‘Moonlight’ – a project undergone by Genosa II to facilitate the creation of a powerful class of human/Lucifer Hawk hybrids in response to the results of Project C2.

Rosencraft – 1.) The family line that began with the marriage of Alexander Abh and Anastacia Arenzai.
2.) The association of family, friends and allies connected to the members of the Rosencraft family in an explicit manner.
3.) The group of experimental subjects that survived the hybrid experiment conducted by Genosa I and II.

The Two-Six - A cadre of twelve individuals who predate virtually all life. The most powerful beings in the BotS world, who have been reborn into different "vessels" across different universes and generations.