Friday, July 7, 2017

The Blonde Dragon

There was a question, and so I gave an answer.

I originally gave this post back in January. A quick refresher without re-reading the original post; the character "Anzushiro" in my fan-fiction is based on Dark Magician Girl out of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. In my story she holds the title "Empress of Dragons". Each of the Two-Six in my story are similar, so I arrived at a plan for a series of projects where each of the Two-Six is hybridized with their respective creature. this was the same thesis behind the ever-popular Monster Girl Kali image from a few Halloweens ago. 

In any event, whereas my plan for Kali has not to alter her in-character hair color, Anzu's hair color is a much more fluid issue. Depending on timing, mood, or circumstance, her hair can be either pink, white, black, or blonde. 

But, of course, Dark Magician Girl's natural hair color is in fact blonde. I describe it more as a sandy blonde, denoting that there is a great deal of brown in it (which makes perfect sense form the perspective of the lore behind her being the embodiment of Mana from the Ancient Egypt arc of the anime). But, here I opted for a more "brilliant" blonde. 

That's really all it is. I also removed the pigmentation of the whites of her eyes. they had been yellow in the original image, now they're normal white. 

Click on the image and you'll be taken to the DeviantArt page. It's not much, but hope you like it. It's my intention and hope to have a couple new projects to share in the next few weeks.